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With a population of about 50 people, Murphy is one of the smallest county seats in America. Settled in 1899 at a railhead of the Boise, Nampa and Owyhee Railroad, it became the county seat in 1934, as Silver City became a ghost town. The railroad stopped operating in 1947. There are other larger towns in the county, but Murphy does have the advantage of being centrally located.

Murphy is in the arid Owyhee Desert, with the Owyhee Mountains to the south and the Snake River a few miles to the north. It sits on the edge of a ravine through which Rabbit Creek flows. The surrounding terrain is fairly rugged and vegetation is sparse. The elevation is 2820 feet.

Idaho highway 78 passes through Murphy, as it parallels the Snake River, and connects all of the main towns in the county. Murphy has an airport and the runway lies parallel to the highway, running the entire length of the town.

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