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Arimo sits on the east side of Marsh Valley. Farms and ranches dot the valley, above which the imposing slopes of Old Tom Mountain rise to 8,600 feet. Behind the city, the slopes of another range of mountains rise gradually. In 1878, the Utah & Northern Railroad was extended to Arimo, following Marsh Valley northward toward Pocatello. For a time the population was as high as 2,000, due to the activity on the railroad. Originally called Oneida, Arimo was renamed in honor of an Indian chief.

Arimo is on the route of old Highway 91, which has two old alignments through the town, one on each side. Today Interstate 15 is the main highway passing next to Arimo, supplanting the railroad and the highway as a transportation route. The population has dwindled to 348 and there is a quietness about the town.

Marsh Valley High School is located on old Highway 91 on the north end of Arimo.

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