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In Memory of those Noble Pioneers
who Tolied and Sacrificed for the Up-
building of this Valley.

William W. Woodland
Lee Whitaker
Solamon Woodland
Henry Woodland
Jefferson Hunt
T. Joseph Bloxham
Fletcher Ireland
Wm. A. Coffin, Sr.
Geo. Wakley
Charles Barnes
Hyrum Layton
Meyers Conn
Nathan H. Coffin
Charles B. Hancock Sr.
Micheal Yeaman
Yonn Nelson Wakley
Henry H. Wakley
H. ? Harkness
Samuel Banford
John Watson
Frank Potter
J. Nat Ireland
Isaac Bloxham
Philip Philips
John Bloxham
Joe Croxall
M. J. Grewell
Fred Aldows
John Kyle
John J. Barnes
Simon Friedman

Erected by Portneuf Stake Y.M.M.I.A, 1930

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