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McCammon sits on an ancient lava flow in the middle of Marsh Valley, with the Portneuf Mountains to the east and Old Tom Mountain to the west. The valley is wide here, and covered with grassland, farmland and sagebrush The mountain slopes begin gradually and rise steadily to the forested slopes above. The Portneuf River flows past McCammon on the east, heading northward between the foothills and the lava flow, and Marsh Creek flows past on the west, also heading northward.

McCammon is a typical western railroad town, and the railroad still operates here today. It's route was once part of the first railroad in Idaho. The town is laid out in a grid of narrow streets running parallel to the tracks.

Marsh Valley is an agricultural area, with a scattering of small towns and farmhouses throughout the valley. McCammon is the largest of these towns. There is lots of open space and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

U.S. Highway 30 meets Interstate 15 just northwest of McCammon, mostly bypassing the town. U.S. Highway 91 used to pass through the center of McCammon, but now it is combined with the freeway, which passes by to the west. The elevation is 4768, and the population was 805 in the 2000 census.

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Second West Street
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