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Georgetown sits at the north end of Bear Lake Valley in a strip of ranchland between the Bear River and the Preuss Mountains. Across the river lies the Bear River range, and hills protrude into the valley from both sides. Green grasses fill the valley for most of the summer, and the mountains are forested. Meade Peak, just a few miles of Georgetown reaches 9,957 feet in elevation, being the tallest peak in the area. Across the valley to the west, Sherman Peak is also visible, with an elevation of 9,882 feet. Georgetown Creek flows through Georgetown, emerging from Georgetown Canyon to the northeast.

Georgetown was settled in the late 1800's by Mormon pioneers on the route of the Oregon Trail. U.S. Highway 30, which follows the route of the Oregon Trail, passes through the town on Main Street, heading nearly north towards Soda Springs, and southward towards Montpelier. Stringtown Road heads east into Georgetown Canyon. Houses are scattered along Stringtown Road most of the way to the canyon. The elevation varies from about 5,800 feet on the east of town to 6,150 at the mouth of the canyon. As of the 2010 census, the population was 476, a decline of about sixty in the last decade.

Stringtown road continues up Georgetown Canyon, leading to an old mine, which may be the namesake of the road. Beyond that extends a labyrinth of backcountry mountain roads. Another canyon called the Left Hand Fork starts right at the mouth of the canyon, heading north, accessed by Georgetown Canyon Road. Creamery Lane and Dunn Road continue west from Georgetown, crossing the Bear River and leading to Nounan Valley, which lies between some hills and the Bear River Mountains.

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See the Georgetown article in Wikipedia, and the city's official site at Georgetown.id.gov.

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