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Old Ephraim

Back in the early 1900's one of the last of the great Grizzlies was Killed after terrorizing the
Local ranchers and shepherds who raised sheep in the Bear Lake area. He was given the
name Old Ephraim and had an awkward gate from a deformed front left paw and arm.
Some thought from being caught in a trap at an early age. When he was killed by Frank
Clark, August 22, 1923, he was reportedly the largest grizzly ever taken in the lower 48
states. He measure 9 feet 11 inches tall. He is depicted here in Cultured Stone by the Artist
Jonathan The Bear man as he looked about a month before hibernation, having fattened
himself on livestock of the local ranches in the Bear Lake Valley area. The Artist depiction
of the brear was based on information given by local citizens and the historical records.
While, many of Jonathan's breats are more streamline, Jonathan was inspired and
impressed by the reports of the bulk and awkwardness and uniqueness of this magnificent
animal. One report said he was a hulk like that of the hunch back of Notre Dame. Jonathan
believes when you stand before this rendering, you may well be looking at what Frank Clark
saw, looking at Old Ephraim sniffing the wind! The great bears skull is on display at the
Smithonian Institute. The is a well written 22 page booklet by Newell J Crookston first
published in 19599 of the dramatic account of this great bear. Ursus arctos horribilis is the
scientific classification of these monarchs of the North American wilderness! While the
great bear can be an opportunist that takes advantage of easy prey, He is actually a very
valuable part of the wilds of this country. A great war rages in this country over how much
land should be given back to the great bear but real balance comes through the local
citizens like Frank Clark who regretted having to kill the bear, but did what had to be done
for the peace of the valley. Yellowstone and Grand Tetion Parkds are now the strong holds of
this area for the Grizzly. Jonathan The bear man began his career in 1983 as a wildlife artist.
His fascination and capture of the bear in his art has earned him the title of "The bear Man"
by Jackson Wyoming and the world. His art is collected internationally. You may see it on
his web site at and in Wild West Designs Galleries of Jackson
WY and Idaho Falls. Also in local Museums. The bear benches of the town are also made by
Jonathan The brea man with Love to His neighbors, Montpelier Idaho.

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