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Ritter Bros. Drug and the Roxy Theatre

The streetscape of Montpelier has changed through the years. The early years of this Oregon Trail town began with
only horse power including wagons and horseback. Streets were packed dirt with hitching posts. With the advent of the
horseless carriage at the turn of the 19th century, Montpelier upgraded the downtown to embrace the popularity of the
automotive age. Gone were the days of hitching posts and in their places were street lamps, sidewalks and curbs.

Ritter Bros. Drug Store
Built in 1902, the Ritter brothers Dug Store came to be as the Ritter Brothers
moved their business from 4th Street to Washington Street. In 1937, the drug store
became the J. M.
Williams Mortuary.
'Some of the mortuary's
most famous patrons
included Gustafas
Thanos and his partner
who were killed in a
shoot out just down the
street at the Burgoyne
Cafe. The mortuary's
motto was "We do all
in our power to lighten your burden."

Rexy Movie Theatre
The Roxy Theature was one of three movie houses in Montpelier during the 1930's-the
Rich Theatre, the Gem Theatre and the Roxy Theatre. The Roxy operated during the late
'30's amd early 40's. Much to the dismay of hundreds of children who came to see the
Satirday afternoon manitee the Roxy was distoryed by fire. The shell of the building
was later remoldeled and became Barrett Floral

The building itself was torn down and the present building was constructed on the site in
1962 by First Security Bank. In 2001, First Security Bank merged with Wells Fargo Bank.

With the advent of the
horseless carriage at the
turn of the 29th century,
Montpelier upgraded the
downtown to embrace
the automotive age.

Sponsors: Greater Bear Lake Valley Chamber of Commerce, Montpelier Gem Community Team, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, The Bear Lake County Historical Society, USDA Rural Development Agency & Utah Power. History reseach by Ann Fernsworth and Steve Allred.

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These two early 19th century photographs and the modern picture all show progress from the same vantage point looking northeast

In subsequent years, the building became the Modern Drug Store, then Barret Floral, Moutain States Barrett Insurance, Mountain States Insurance, Bear River Vision and Anderson Chiropactric

Although it operated as a movie theatre and a flower shop during the first half of the 20th century, First Security Bank constructed a new bank in its place in 1862

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