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Rich Building and Theatre

Early Montpelier was well known fir its pine trees
placed down the center of Washington Street.
As U.S. Highway 89 became more popular to
the travleing public, the trees were finally cut down
amid much discussion throughout the town.

Rich Building
This building was built for Joseph C. Rich, grandson of Charles C. Rich, the Mormon
pioneer. The brick construction was done by the Tueller brothers- Jacob, Jacob Jr., John
and Christian from Paris who learned their trade in Switzerland.

Joseph was the first manager of the Montpelier brach of the Studebaker Car Dealership
with the main office being in Ogden, Utah. In 1914, he went independent and started the
J.C. Rich Motor Company. He sold Pontiac, Chevrolet, and Cadillac automobiles.
This was one of the oldest automobile agencies in the state of Idaho.

Rich Theatre
In 1923, Standley Rich went into Partnership with his brother Joseph and started the Rich
Theatre in this same building. He and his wife Kathryn operated the theatre for 56 years
and then sold out to the Voller Theatre Circuit.

The "Kozy Corner," and ice cream and soda establishment
was located on the west side of the building. It was run by
the Collipriest sisters. This business had a soda fountain,
an ice cream parlor and glass shelves stocked with candy.
People that attended the
movies would often go there
for treats before and or after
the "show"

[Picture Captions]

The historic downtown "Beware the Bears" theme
has delighted tourists with a memorable photo opportunity.

Another view of local merchants looking northwest on Washington Street in 2005.

Picture taken circa 1950.

The Rich building housed the Kozy Corner
on the west side and the theater on the east side.

Sponsors: Greater Bear Lake Valley Chamber of Commerce, Montpelier Gem Community Team, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, The Bear Lake County Historical Society, USDA Rural Development Agency & Utah Power. History reseach by Ann Fernsworth and Steve Allred.

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