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Second Bank of Montpelier

Grove C. Gray built a brick building in 1907 to house the second
bank of Montpelier. On June 25, 1910, two men attempted to rob
this bank by dynamiting the vault. While attempting to dynamite the
vault, they jostled a loaded pistol that was on top of the vault. The
pistol fell to the floor and went off. This scared the would-be robbers
away and into the hands of the night police officer.

Severe financial problems arose in the 1920's that forced the bank to
close its doors on August 12, 1924. This occasioned the need for
immediate alternatice banking. After many months and several meetings
the Eccles-Browning Bank, based in Ogden, Utah opened for business
in that same brick building - August 1925. Eccles-Browning Bank later
changed its name to Frist Security Bank of Montpelier. When First
Security Bank vacated this building for its newly constructed office in
February 1963, Tri-State Bank & Trust began banking operation in the
building. Tri0State became Zions Bank in 1997

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