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Bancroft sits at the base of the Fish Creek Mountain Range at the edge of a wide valley. To the south the valley is called Gem Valley, but to the north it is called Portneuf Valley. Being a railroad town, Bancroft is laid out in a grid that is aligned with the railroad, rather than north and south. The town is small, with about a half-dozen streets in each direction. Farmland surrounds the town.

An older alignment of U.S. Highway 30 passes through Bancroft, following the railroad tracks. This segment was decommissioned when a shorter route was taken across the Fish Creek Mountains. The older route passed around the northern tip of the mountains.

The population of Bancroft, as of the year 2000, was 382. The elevation is 5,420 feet.

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Bancroft Airport Road
Bancroft Cemetery Road
Chesterfield Road
First East Street
First South Street
First West Street
Fourth South Street
Main Street
Old Highway 30
Second East Street
Second North Street
Second South Street
Second West Street
Third North Street
Third South Street
Third West Street

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