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A couple dozen houses surrounded by trees on the lower slopes of the Bannock Mountain Range constitute the town of Clifton. Cache Valley, which stretches for twenty or thirty miles to the south, narrows down to the north of Clifton, and is broken by hills to the east, leaving still a generous share of verdant farmland surrounding the town. The stately form of Oxford Mountain overlooks the town to the northwest. A concentrated collection of cliffs in the mountains straight west of town form an interesting landmark and perhaps are the source of the town's name.

Clifton is home to just 213 people, as of the 2000 census. The Westside Highway, passes north and south through town, linking it to other remote communities along this side of the valley. The highway is not even a state highway, but simply a county route.

Clifton makes its claim to fame in being the birthplace of Harold B. Lee, eleventh president of the LDS (Mormon) Church. The town was settled in the 1800s by the Mormon pioneers.

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