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Cub River Canyon leads into the Wasatch Mountains on the east side of Cache Valley. Grass covers the lower parts of the canyon, and hills along one side of the canyon. The higher slopes of the mountains are covered with evergreen trees. Some patches of sagebrush and scrub oak can be seen and higher up in the canyon willows grow along the river.

Cub River Road leaves U.S. Highway 91 southeast of Preston and ends at Willow Flat Campground. The upper part of the canyon is part of Cache National Forest and the campgrounds and picnic areas are a popular summer retreat. Much of the lower canyon is used for farming and quite a few people live there.

The elevation is 4,600 feet where the canyon opens into Cache Valley and 6,040 feet at Willow Flat Campground. The surrounding mountains reach above 8,000 feet. Rugged mountain roads connect northward to Mink Creek and across the mountains eastward.

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