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Dayton is situated at the base of the Bannock Mountains, on the west side of Cache Valley, and at the mouth of Five Mile Canyon. The mountains reach to elevations above 6,000 feet just a few miles west of town, compared with 4,818 at Dayton itself. Grass and sagebrush and farmland cover the slopes next to Dayton, with junipers and other trees on the higher slopes. The valley, stretching for miles to the north, east and south, is an important agricultural region, checkered with fields, and dotted with houses. The Bear River passes a few miles to the east.

Dayton is a tiny town, with just two streets running north and south and a few cross streets. State Highway 36 meets the Westside Highway at the main intersection in town. The Westside Highway goes north and south from Dayton, following the base of the mountains. State Highway 36 crosses the valley eastward to reach Preston. At Dayton, it turns south and shares the route with the Westside Highway. Five Mile Road is a dirt road that climbs Five Mile Canyon.

The first settler at Dayton was Joseph Chadwick and his family, who built a log cabin on Five Mile Creek in 1867. The town was called Five Mile Creek, then Chadville and Card. It received its present name in 1906. The population, as of 2000, is 444.

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