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Preston was founded in 1866 by Mormon Pioneers in the northern end of Cache Valley on a bluff above the riverbottoms of the Bear River. Across the wide valley, Mountains rise to the 10,000 foot level to the east and to the west. To the northeast hilly area reaches nearly to the city. Large irrigated fields surround the city especially to the south. The nearby Cub River Canyon cuts into the steep, forested Wasatch Mountains to the east and is a popular recreation area. The Cub River feeds four reservoirs in the hills east of Preston.

Farmland surrounds Preston and covers Cache Valley. State Street is the main north-south street, also being U.S. Highway 91, and Oneida Street is the main east west street. The streets are laid out in a neat grid from there.

Preston is the county seat of Franklin County and has a population of 4,682 people, as of the 2000 census. U.S. Highway 91 approaches the city from Franklin, to the southeast, and leaves to the northwest. Idaho Highways 34 leads northeast towards Grace, and Idaho Highway 36 crosses the valley westward toward Dayton.

Street Index

1150 East Street
1200 East Street
250 South Street
Eighth East Street
Eighth North Street
Eighth South Street
Eighth West Street
First East Street
First North Street
First South Street
First West Street
Fourth East Street
Fourth North Street
Fourth South Street
Fourth West Street
Nelson Avenue
Oakwood Drive
Oneida Street
Park Avenue
Pine Circle
Second East Street
Second North Street
Second South Street
Second West Street
State Highway 34
State Street
Third East Street
Third North Street
Third South Street
Third West Street
U.S. Highway 34
U.S. Highway 91

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