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Samaria is a small town in the southwest corner of Malad Valley. Being on the extreme southern edge of Idaho, the Utah border passes by about 8 miles to the south. The Malad River passes by a couple miles to the east and the valley extends a few more miles eastward, and quite a few miles to the north. To the south lies a beautiful mountain range called the Samaria Mountains. A line of hills or low mountains extend northward along the west side of Samaria.

Samaria is unincorporated and sparsely settled. The layout of streets three blocks wide and several blocks long attests to its founding by Mormon pioneers. But more farmland fills the blocks than residences. No highways pass through Samaria, leaving it free of traffic, and without any revenue from tourism. Interstate 15 passes north to south on the east side of the valley. Idaho Highway 37 misses Samaria by several miles to the north. Samaria Road makes a loop from I-15 to Highway 37 and is the major access to the town.

If quiet and seclusion and elbow room are priorities, Samaria would make an ideal place to live.

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