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Grand View sits right on the bank of the Snake River, surrounded by a wide valley of farmland. The historic downtown area, comprising a number of quaint old stores, is on Main Street, just across the street from the river. The town is laid out in a grid from the river which passes through in a direction a bit north of northeast. Riverside Avenue runs along the riverbank, and Main Street is perpendicular to it. A few streets in each direction follow this grid. Two state highways serve Grand View and both are aligned with a north-south-east-west axis, resulting in a lot of turning streets in the town.

Grand View is an oasis in the desert, thanks to the Snake River. Irrigation water provides for extensive ranch and farmland in the area, and many trees growing in the city and along the river add lots of green for the scenery.

Grand View sits right on the northern boundary of Owyhee County, the boundary being the Snake River. Idaho Highway 78 passes along the south side of the town, going east and west. Idaho Highway 67 starts at Grand View and travels north across the river, leading to Mountain Home. The population is 470. The elevation at the river is 2,365 feet, with the town extending up to about 2,500 feet on the hill to the south of town.

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