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Western Heritage Historic Byway

1 Historic Kuna
Dating back to when the first Native Americans camped along
Indian Creek, to the arrival of the Oregon Short Line Railroad
in 1882, Kuna has played a pivotal role in the region's
development. Kuna began to grow in 1901 when F.H. Teed
filed a desert land grant for 200 acres. Located on the 200
acres, the tiny settlement of Kuna was platted during 1907.
Today, Kuna is the gateway city to the Morley Nelson Snake
River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

2 Kuna Visitor Center
The Kuna Visitor Center features information about
the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey
National Conservation Area. Open seasonally, the
center has information about Kuna and the Western
Heritage Historica Byway. Visitor information is
available for pick up 24 hours a day.

3 Silver Trail
When silver was discovered in the Owyhee Mountains
during 1863, a stage and freight wagon trail was
constructed linking Idaho City and Silver City with the
newly established town of Boise. Fifteen-mile Station
located near Indian Creek was built to provide travelers
with fresh horses and a meal. Over time, the trail came to
be known as the Silver Trail. To learn more about Idaho's
southwestern mining history visit the Owyhee County
Museum located in Murphy on Idaho 78.

4 Pioneer Cemetery
Early during Kuna's history, a diphtheria epidemic
swept through the community. Pioneer Cemetery
has approximately 12 graves. The cemetery is
located near the original route of the Silver Trail
along Stage Coach Road. Pioneer Cemetery
honors the early pioneers who settled the region.

5 Birds of Prey National Conservation Area
The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National
Conservation Area (NCA) encompases 600,000 acres. Established
by Congress in 1993, the NCA is the largest concentration of
nesting birds of prey in North America. The conservation area is
used by 24 species of birds of prey including hawks, eagles, falcons,

6 Initial Point
Idaho's Initial Point is a volcanic butte rising from the
western Snake River Plain. Beginning on April 19, 1867,
surveyors mapped the entire state starting from this butte.
Every piece of land in the state is referenced by its
direction and distance from a brass survey marker located
on top of the butte. A foot path to the top of the butte
provides a 360 degree view of the Snake River Plain.

7 Dedication Point
Dedication Point Overlook provides an outstanding view of the
Snake River Canyon. Spring is an ideal time to spot birds of prey
in flight. A 1/4 mile trail leads to the canyon rim. Interpretative
panels provide information about the unique plant life, geology and
habitt of the Snake River Canyon.

8 Snake River Canyon Overlook
The Snake River begins its thousand mile journey to the Columbia
River in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Volcanic activity
dating back about 17 million years ago created the canyon. About
15,000 years ago a natural dam on Lake Bonneville, a glacial lake
larger in size than today's Lake Michigan, failed releasing a torrent of
water that reshaped the entire canyon. The Canyon River Trail, a
12-mile hiking trail between Swan Falls Dam and Celebration Park
follows the Snake River.

9 Swan Falls Dam
Swan Falls Dam was built in 1901 to supply
electricity to nearby mining towns. The dam is the
oldest hydroelectric project on the Snake River.
Swan Falls is one of the first hydroelectric plants to
generate three phase power, the same electricity
standard used today. During the mid 1990's a new
power plant was built. The old plant was
decommissioned, and now serves as a museum.

10 Celebration Park
Celebration Park is Idaho's first archeological park.
Ancient peoples along with recent Native and
Euro-Americans created petroglyphs that date between
100 and 10,000 years old. The park's trails weave
among large bouldeers deposited by the Bonneville
flood, the second largest flood in geologic history. The
historic Guffey Railroad Bridge, built in 1897, has been
revamped into a walking bridge providing access to the
south side of the Snake River. The park has a visitor
center, campground, and boat launch.

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