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Arbon Valley is a beautiful, rural valley in the mountains of southeastern Idaho. It is bounded by the Deep Creek Mountains on the west, and by a lower ridge of mountains on the east, part of which is known as the Pleasantview Hills. It runs some thirty miles north and south, being the widest at the middle, and also at the highest elevation, about 5,200 feet. Two creeks flow out from this point, Deep Creek toward the south, and Bannock Creek to the north. As they drop in elevation, the valley narrows in width. Deep Creek passes through some hills into Curlew Valley, and eventually into Great Salt Lake. Bannock Creek flows north into the Snake River.

Arbon Valley is sparsely populated with farmhouses scattered around the valley. Two small groupings of houses are named, Arbon, near the center of the valley, and Pauline, which is towards the north.

Waving fields of grain, picturesque farmhouses and forested mountain peaks combine to give Arbon Valley a serene and appealing appearance. Minimal vehicular traffic disturbs the calm. In spite of the quietness, it is quite close to a moderately large city, Pocatello.

The southern end of the valley is in Oneida County. The northern end of the valley is divided, as a row of hills springs up just north of Pauline. The Arbon Valley Highway follows Bannock Creek on the west of these hills, and Mink Creek Road follows the east side of them. To the northeast Old Tom Mountain and Scout Mountain can bee seen on the horizon. Deep Creek Peak stands prominently in the mountains just west of Arbon.

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