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Rockland Valley lies on the southern boundary of Idaho, bounded by the Deep Creek Mountains on the east, and Sublette Mountains on the west. It is a rural agricultural area with only one town, Rockland, situated near the middle of the valley, and a large scattering of farmhouses throughout the valley. The terrain is hilly over much of the valley. Rock Creek flows northward through the valley northward into the Snake River. The north end of the valley opens up into the Snake River Basin.

Idaho Highway 37 runs north-south through the valley, leading to American Falls to the north. Many other rural roads crisscross the area. The southern tip of the valley extends into Utah. The elevation is about 4,800 feet.

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Alberts Lane
Barnard Road
Benson Road
Big Canyon Road
Center Street
Cooper Road
Cow Canyon Road
Creamery Road
Deeg Road
Dry Hollow Road
East Bench Road
East Fork Road
Eliasen Lane
Flint Canyon Road
Groom Road
Halling Road
Hartley Canyon Road
Houtz Canyon Road
Hunter Road
Keison Road
Killdew Lane
Kress Road
Landing Road
Lind Road
Little Creek Road
Lower Spring Creek Road
Lowery Lane
McCarty Road
Meadows Lane
Misenhimer Lane
Nelson lane
Permann Lane
Pollard Lane
Portage Canyon Road
Rock Creek Road
Rocky Hollow Lane
Roper Lane
Sagehen Springs Road
Sand Hollow Road
Side Canyon Road
Simms Road
State Highway 37
Stewart Canyon Road
Taylor Lane
Water Canyon Road
West Bench Road
Wildcat Road

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