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In Honor of

Charles Coulson Rich


Pioneer Builder of the West.
Major-General of the Nauvoo Legion.
Alderman of the City of
Nauvoo, in the time of Joseph Smith.
Pioneer of Utah, 1847. Chairman of the first committee
to organize civil government in the
Rocky Mountains.
Colonizer of San Bernardino
Valley, California in 1851.
First Mayor of San Bernardino City.
Member of the Utah Territorial
Legislature for many years.
Colonizer of Bear Lake Valley,
1863, where he lived and died.
Husband of six wives and father
of fifty children.
Friend of the Indians, Humanitarian,
Apostle of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.
thirty four years.

One of God's Noblemen.
This monument erected by
the citizens of Bear Lake Valley
The Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association
and his descendants

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