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Bingham County lies in eastern Idaho, comprising 2,120 square miles of the Snake River Basin and an adjoining are of hills and mountains. The Snake River passes through the center of the county, flowing from the northeast to the southwest. It flows into the American Falls Reservoir, which lies partially in the county. Surrounding the Snake River is a large area of irrigated farmland where many crops, including Idaho's famous potatoes, are grown. As you travel further northwest from the river, the fields give way to sagebrush and then to lava fields.

Bingham County was created January 13, 1885 and had a population of 41,735 people in the year 2000. The county seat is at Blackfoot. Fort Hall Indian Reservation covers the southern part of the county.

The Snake River divides the county in two and there are only a few roads which cross it. U.S. Highway 91 passes along the eastern side of the river, while State Highway 39 accesses the eastern side of the river. Interstate 15 follows U.S. Highway 91 closely, but crosses the river at Blackfoot and stays near the western bank from there to the county line. U.S. Highway 26 travels northwest from Blackfoot, across the lava fields, toward the Sawtooth Mountains.

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