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Erected No. 22, 1941

Starrh's Ferry

In the summer of 1880 George Starrh, a
placer miner, established a ferry 4 miles
west of the present city of Burley. Rich
mineral mines had been discovered in the
Wood River country and freight was hauled
between the mines and Kelton, Utah. (The
nearest railroad). The wagons were taken
across the Snake River on this ferry which
was operated by cable and horse power.
Later Thomas Starrh bought the ferry
from his brother and operated it until
1905 when the railroad came to Buhl, Idaho.

Mary Salome Camp

Starrh's Ferry across the Snake River
was located one mile north of this
monument which was relocated on
June 1, 1995, by the Cassia County
Company Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

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