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City of Rocks Back Country Byway

1 Albion
Albion dates back to 1879. It is the first
county seat of Cassia County. Located
at the north end of town is the Albion
Normal School 1893-1951, and the
Albion Museum. The museum
occupies an historic building and has
exhibits of the school and pioneer

2 Howell Canyon Pomerelle Recreation Area
Four miles southeast of Albion, the Howell Canyon
Road begins its climb to Mount Harrison and the
Sawtooth National Forest. Open July through
September, the Mount Harrison fire lookout
facility at 9,265 feet above sea level offers a
panoramic view of the Snake River Plain.
Pomerelle Mountains Resort is located along the
way offering alpine and cross-country skiing.
Scenic Lake Cleveland has camping along with
hiking trails in a rugged alpine mountain setting.

3 Connor Creek
Connor Creek is named in honor of Brig. Gen. P.E. Connor. At this junction, the
byway turns right leaving Idaho 77.
Cassia Creek cuts between the Cotterel
Mountains to the north and the Jim Sage
Mountains to the south. It was through
this opening that thousands of emigrants
along the California Trail approached the
Albion Mountains.

4 Elba
Elba is nestled between the Albion and
Jim Sage Mountains along Cassia Creek.
Early 20th Century brick homes as well as
the Historic Relief Society Building
reflects the pioneer history of the

6 Almo
Almo deates back to 1879. It is a ranching community
situated in the shadow of 10,399 foot Cache Peak. An
historic school, along the Idaho's oldest continuously
operating mercantile is located in Almo. Inside the
mercantile is an historic post office. The visitor center
for the National Reserve and Castle Rocks Sate Park
is located at the south end of town.

7 City of Rocks National Reserve
City of Rocks National Reserve is the heart
of the byway. Thousands of emigrants
bound for California found it the perfect
respite. They wrote poetically in their
journals and registered their names onto
the rock with axle grease to mark their
passing. Today, the reserve's granite spires
are internationally renowned for rock

8 Birch Creek
The most enclosed landscape on the
byway is along Birch Creek between
Middle Mountain to the west and the
Albion Mountain Range to the east. Much
of the road is through a narrow canyon
with high volcanic cliffs. This was the
route of the historic Kelton-Boise Stage
Line. Today, working ranches still use the
road for cattle drives ever summer and

9 Oakley
Oakley is the largest community at the western
terminus of the byway. Oakley's Nation
Historic District
includes many Victorian
homes, and the turn-of-the-century Howells
Opera House. Nearby quarries produce the
distinctive Oakley Stone which is a popular
home construction material that is shipped
throughout the world.

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