See the context of this sign.

Here stands the stone home
in which was born

Matthew Cowley

3:00 AM 2 Aug. 1897 Wt. 8 1/2 LB.
To Matthias Foss Cowley
& Abbie Hyde (Cowley)
Mission to New Zealand 1914-1919
(Translated Doc & Cov. & Pearl of
Great Price into Maori & re-edited
the Maori Book of Mormon)
Md. Elva Eleanor Taylor 13 July 1922
New Zealand Mission Pres. 1938-1943
Ord. by Pres. George Albert Smith II Oct. 1945
an Apostle of Jesus Christ

Died 13 Dec. 1953 Los Angeles Calif.

"Few men have ever been so greatly
loved and so greatly respected. He
affected the lives of everyone who
knew him - He was not just a
casual acquainance to anyone."

Bp. Glen L. Rudd

Erected 1987 by a friend,
Lyman M. Kunz

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