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Harriman State Park of Idaho

Discover Wild Idaho

To walk through Harriman State Park of Idaho is to experience Idaho reminiscent of a time
when much of the state was first being settled. The 11,000-acre park features one mile of road
and more than 20 miles of non-motorized trails that gives the entire family a chance to
experience “Wild” Idaho.

The state park was donated by the Harriman family. During the early 1900's, Edward H.
Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad established a private retreat, and working cattle ranch,
referred to as the “Railroad Ranch.” Many of the original ranch buildings remain giving
visitors an exclusive frontier ranch experience.

Harriman is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Moose, sandhill cranes, and trumpeter
swans are abundant in the park. Harriman is an exploration park that is open all year. In the
springtime nature comes alive with wildflowers along with the native wildlife. During the
summer, Harriman is an outdoor paraidse known for its hiking trails, and world-class
fly-fishing on the Henrys Fork of the Snake River. Elk bugling in the fall signals winter is near
and the opening of Nordic skiing adventures in the park.

Harriman offers unspoiled trails of discovery with each season offering distinct recreational
possibilities in a unique ranchland and forest setting.

Look closely in the woods and amid the willows-moose are
common in the park. Moose feed near the edge of rivers or ponds
during the early morning and evening.

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Two kinds of wyethia wildflowers-mule's ears and
white-rayed wyethia are abundant in spring.

The Harriman family created a wildlife refuge to protect
the native wildlife. The park is home to Idaho's most
productive nesting areas for trumpeter swans.

Take a walk back in time among historical Railroad Ranch cabins,
ranch office, and barn. The Park offers a self-guided tour map or a
guided tour on summer weekends. The park also offers a variety of
overnight lodging.

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