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Beginning in the northeast corner of the Snake River Basin, and reaching up into the mountains of the continental divide, Fremont County includes a rich farmland and many miles of forests and mountains. It is bordered on the east by Wyoming, with a bit of Yellowstone National Park reaching into it, and by Montana on the north. The volcanic peaks along the continental divide reach to 10,000 feet, and in the Snake River Basin, the elevations are above 5,000 feet. Evidence of large lava flows can be seen throughout the northern part of the county.

Henry's Lake, a large natural lake, enlarged by a dam, lies in the northern tip of the county. It and the Island Park Reservoir are recreational favorites, with boating, hiking and camping opportunities.

Fremont County has a population of 11,819, as of 2000, and covers 1,896 square miles. U.S. Highway 20 crosses it from Montana on the northeast into the Snake River Basin to the southwest.

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1300 North Road
1400 East Road
1425 North Road
1475 North Road
1500 North Road
3800 East Road
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4000 East Road
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Big Springs Loop
Black Canyon Road
Boat Dock Road
Cave Falls Road
Dance Hall Drive
Divide Creek Road
Eccles Road
F.S. Route 066
F.S. Route 141
F.S. Route 150
F.S. Route 151
F.S. Route 154
F.S. Route 313
F.S. Route 367
F.S. Route 607
F.S. Route 724
F.S. Route 807
Fish Creek Road
Fisherman's Drive
Fisherman's Lane
Fishermans Drive
Grandview Lane
Hatchery Butte Road
Hatchery Ford Road
Henry's Fork Ranch Road
Henry's Fork River
Henry's Lake Road
Henrys Lake Outlet
Juniper Lane
Marysville Hill Road
Meadow Creek Road
Mesa Lower Falls Turnout
Mesa Upper Falls Turnout
Robinson Creek
Sawtell Peak Road
State Highway 47
State Highway 87
Henry's Fork River
Warm River
Trail 001
U.S. Highway 20
Warm River Springs
Wood Road No. 11
Wood Road No. 14

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