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Teton Scenic Byway

Upper Snake River Valley
THe Upper Snake River Valley is considered to be
one of Idaho's richest forestlands. Early pioneers
prized its fertile volcanic trail and homsteaded in
the valley during the 1800's. Today, the valley has
the distinction of being the bigest seed potato
producer in the world. The distant views include
the Tetons to the east and the Centennial
Mountains to the north.

Town of Sam
The town site of Sam dates back to 1901 when coal was
discovered near Horseshoe Creek. By 1920, more than
30,000 tons of bituminous low-ash coal was mined.
In 1924 Henry Floyd Samuels purchased the mine and
established the town of Sam. By 1930 difficulties in
mining the coal and the high cost of shipping
eventually closed Idaho's only coal mine. Today, the
historic site is the trailhead to South Horseshoe Trail
which is the access to an all-season recreation area.

Gran Turghee-Resort
Grand Turghee Resort is the adventure geteway
to the Tetons. Bordered by the Jedediah Smith
Wilderness, Grand Targhee is renowned as an
all-season recreation destination. The 2.5-mile
Teton Vista Traverse Trail leads to the summit of
10,000 foot Fred's Mountain. The summit offers
spectacular distant views of Idaho, Wyoming,
and Montana along with an up close view of the
Tetons. Visit Grand Targhee's Activity and
Nature Center to discover the scenic and rugged
outdoor adventures availbale in the Tetons.

Victor was named in honor of Charles VIctor
who continued to carry the mail over Teton
Pass during the Bannock Indian scare of 1895.
In 1926, Victor became the leading supplier of
high-grade limestone that was hauled by train
to Idaho Falls for purifying sugar. Today, part
of the original Union Pacific Railroad grade
between Victor and Driggs is a paved 7-mile
biking/walking trail.

Teton Valley Overlook
Teton Valley was discovered in 1808 by
Mountain Man John Celter who served with the
Lewis and Clark Expedition. Early French fur
trappers gathered in the valley known as Pierre's
Hole for their annual rendezvous. The 30-mile
long valley is bordered on the eastern side by the
Teton Mountain Range. The Teton Range,
approximately 10 million years old, is the
youngest mountain range in the Rockies.

Historic Driggs
Drigg's origins date by the fur trade's
1832 rendezvous. More than 200
mountain men gathered near the Teton
River with Nez Perce and the
Flatheads to trade and celebrate. In
March of 1889, Mormon settlers arrived
establishing Driggs, the first farming
town in the valley. To learn more about
the mountain men, and early pioneer
history visit the Teton Valley Museum
located in Driggs.

Teton Scenic Overlook
Teton Scenic Overlook provides a spectacular up
close view of the Tetons. The three "Tetons"
were once a single massive mountain of granite.
Over the millennia, freezing water broke off
slabs of rick creating the sharp ridges and
pinnacles. Graciers carved the steep canyons
into U-shaped valleys. Early explorers called
the mountains the Pilot Peaks. Late the more
romantic French trappers called the main peaks
"Les Trois Teton" or, "The Three Breasts."

Battle of Pierre's Hole
Trail Creek is the site of the most well-known
skirmish between mountain men and the
Blackfeet. On July 18, 1832 two brigades of
the Rocky Mountain Fur Company heading
to the Wasatch Range encountered a band of
200 Indians. The Blackfeet were regarded as
the most dangerous by the mountain men.
The battle began when Antoine Godin shot
the Blackfoot Chief while he offered Godin
the peace pipe. Four trappers, six Nez Perce
and nine Blackfeet died in the battle.

Big Hole Mountains
Native Americans followed by mountain men
hunting beaver were the first people to travel across
the Big Hole Mountains. Today, the Big Holes offer
miles of high ridge trails that lead to large meadows,
lush aspen groves, world-class wildflowers, and
spectacular views of the valley and the Tetons.
Numerous trails ranging from scenic to challenging
offer all-season recreation. To learn more about
outdoor adventures in the Tetons and Big Holes visit
the Teton Basin Ranger District located in Driggs.

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