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Big Springs is one of the largest springs in America with a flow of 120 million gallons a day. It is located in the beautiful Island Park area of Idaho, bordering Yellowstone National Park and surrounded by miles of forests The water flows out of the edge of hills at the edge of the Yellowstone Plateau and the water no doubt comes from sources within the park. It is the source of the Henry’s Fork River. The water forms a small lake about a quarter of a mile long, and the river flows out of one side of the lake.

In 1929, Johnny Sack built a cabin on the east side of Big Springs which is now operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation. It was built with hand tools over the period of three years out of logs. It includes many pieces of hand-made furniture and a water wheel at the water’s edge. A road passes by on the west side of the spring, crossing the river on a bridge, and offering a view of the picturesque cabin across the water. A campground lies to the south of the springs, and a trail leads from there to the cabin.

Big Springs is located a few miles east of U.S. Highway 20 on Big Springs Loop. Big Springs Loop is paved from Mack’s Inn to Big Springs. After passing the springs, it turns north and returns to the highway, this section being unpaved. The elevation at Big Springs is 6,400 feet.

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