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Marysville is a unincorporated rural community near the Henry’s Fork River in Idaho. Marysville has had declining population with some abandoned buildings scattered through the town. It is surrounded by farmland and houses are widely spaced in the town. It is in the Snake River Basin, which extends far to the south and west. To the east, the Grand Tetons are visible, and to the north the forested slopes of the Henry’s Fork Caldera are visible.

Marysville has a grid of narrow streets dividing up large city blocks. Idaho Highway 47 passes along the south side of the town. The larger town of Ashton lies immediately to the west. Marysville is an older town that Ashton, but when the railroad was built through the area, the residents of Marysville did not want a railroad passing through their town. So the railroad founded a new town, Ashton, and built the railroad there. Then most of the residents of Marysville moved to Ashton.

State Highway 47 is also called the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, and it heads north along the Henry’s Fork River to the Mesa Falls, a beautiful attraction which brings some traffic through the town.

No population figure is available for Marysville, but it would appear to be less than 100. The elevation is 5,280 feet (exactly a mile).

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