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The Bear River Mountain Range runs southward from Soda Point in southeast Idaho beyond the Utah border, and down to Ogden Valley, with a length of about 80 miles. Naomi Peak is the highest peak at 9,978 feet in elevation. Most of the mountain range exceeds 8,000 feet in elevation, with numerous peaks above 9,000. The Cache Valley runs along much of the western side, and Bear Lake Valley is on the east side. The Bear River goes north through Bear Lake Valley, wraps around Soda Point, and then heads south into Cache Valley, making it an appropriate namesake for these mountains. The Bear River Mountains are a subset of the Wasatch Mountains.

With heavy winter snows, the Bear River Mountains are covered in forests, with alpine meadows and lakes and numerous creeks and canyons. Being close to the populated areas of Utah's Wasatch Front, many people choose them for vacation and weekend recreational trips. Snowmobiling is popular in the winter, and there is a ski resort at Beaver Basin. Logan Canyon is the most popular part of the mountain range, with its easy access from U.S. Highway 89.

Sherman Peak stands above the forested slopes to the north, rising to 9,682 feet in elevation. A labyrinth of canyons, creeks and dirt roads criss-cross the mountains, lined with meadows and wildflowers. Eightmile Canyon cuts in on the north side, and Skinner Canyon assaults Sherman Peak from the east.

Eightmile Road climbs Eightmile Canyon, then crosses the mountains and ends at North Canyon Road. Skinner Canyon Road climbs its canyon and ends in the mountains north of Sherman Peak. Sherman Peak Road begins at an intersection on Skinner Creek Road, crosses near the peak, and descends to the head of Eightmile Canyon, crossing its road, and continuing west to Forest Service Route 402. Forest Service Route 402 begins on North Canyon Road, on the Caribou County side of the mountains, follows the top of the mountains northward and finally enters Bear Lake County and turns east to meet Eightmile Road.

Camping, hiking and four-wheeling are popular in North Canyon. Camp Bartlett, a Boy Scout Camp, is located in North Canyon.

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