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The town of Franklin sits on a bluff overlooking the Cub River, on the eastern side of Cache Valley. The Bear River Mountain Range towers over this city on the east, rising to elevations near 10,000 feet. A short distance to the northwest Little Mountain rises out of the middle of the valley floor, a tall grassy hill standing alone. To the northeast, the Cub River Canyon cuts deep into the mountains, providing camping, hiking and other recreation.

Franklin has the distinction of being the oldest town in Idaho. It was settled on April 14, 1860 by Mormon pioneers. Originally the town was thought to be in Utah, but a survey later showed it to be in Idaho. Streets were laid out neatly in a north/south, east/west grid. The first years of the settlement were plagued with problems with Indians, who raided and stole the settler’s food, horses and cattle. This mostly came to an end with the Bear River Massacre, where U.S. troops attacked the Indian encampment north of Preston in the dead of winter, killing all but a small number who escaped.

U.S. Highway 91 passes through Franklin, connecting it to Preston on the north, and Smithfield, Logan and other cities to the south. The population in the year 2000 was 641.

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See the official site of Franklin at FranklinIdaho.org and Wikipedia’s article on Franklin.

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