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Liberty is a small ranching community in the northwest corner of Bear Lake Valley, built on the south-facing slope of a hill between Mill Creek and Ovid Creek. Narrow fingers of the valley extend towards the Bear River Mountains in this area, separated by hilly areas. Irrigated fields fill the valley, where hay is the main crop, and hills are covered with grass and sagebrush. The forested peaks of the mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to the scenery. The only public structure in Liberty is the Mormon church at the main intersection.

Mormon settlers arrived in 1863, descending into the valley through Emigration Canyon, which lies northwest of Liberty, and settled at Paris, several miles to the south. Liberty was settled soon after, as recorded on a historic marker in Liberty.

State Highway 36 passes through Liberty, leading to Emigration Canyon on the northwest, and Ovid to the southwest. Lanark Road begins at Liberty and heads south along the west edge of the valley. The elevation is 5,980 feet at the low end of town, and houses extend up the hill to about 6,080 feet. The population may be about 100 people.

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